Kali Mutsa - Souvenance Remixes

Summoned by the voices of the Atacama Desert, Kali Mutsa is the divine musical reincarnation of Chilean actress and visual artist, Celine Reymond.

Celebrated as the Latin American answer to M.I.A. and Die Antwoord, Kali Mutsa fuses Baltic, Indian and traditional Latin American sounds producing her own provocative blend of club ready Global Pop.

Making her ENDMK debut with a six-track remix EP titled ‘Souvenace Remixes’, Kali Mutsa sees her songs reimagined on two different continents. Featuring Night Slugs affiliate, Neana, Her Records founder, Sudanim, and ENDMK boss, Tatsu Jones, the sonic journey starts in London and concludes in South America with Chile’s Imbaas, Argentina’s El RemolÓn and French tropical bass specialist, King Doudou.


The Hexagram Eye

Represented by the alchemic symbols for Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and also The Moon and The Sun, the EP’s artwork adorns each remixer with an ancient emblem. When joined together, the icons form The Hexagram, a symbol that represents all four basic elements, which is then placed inside of The Eye, creating a primordial pictogram representing the state of perfect connectedness between humanity and the universe.

el fuego

Neana (El Fuego)

Night Slugs wunderkind and Gang Fatale label leader, Neana, takes Kali Mutsa to the concrete dance floor. Combining an array of percussive shreds with piercing synth swings, this night crawler gives ‘Traga Traga’ the London street treatment.

el aire

Sudanim (El Aire)

Hot of the heels of his US tour, Her Records boss, Sudanim, gives Kali Mutsa’s ‘La Telenovela’ the percussive thunderstorm it didn’t know it needed. Packed with screeching traffic jams and a furious triplet kick delivery, Sudanim proves once again that the future of club goes by the name ‘London’.

el Agua

Tatsu Jones (El Agua)

ENDMK spearheader and Picnic Kibun frontman, Tatsu Jones, spins ‘La Telenovela’ into a whirlwind of long-tailed 808 kicks and cascading hi-hats. Known for his strengths as vocalist and showman, Tatsu flexes his production prowess combining elements of house and trap with Kali Mutsa’s hypnotic diva incantations.

el tierra

Imaabs (La Tierra)

Santiago’s favourite N.A.A.F.I. representative and Kali Mutsa’s official tour DJ, Imaabs contributes a glass-shattering rendition of ‘El Cuerpo’. Blazing a hot trail of releases on London’s Trax Couture and Chile’s Diamante Records, Imaabs is bringing a techno-driven darkness to a new age of Latin American club.

la luna

King Doudou (La Luna)

King Doudou – AKA French Mad Decent & Dim Mak graduate, Douster – hails from the misty lands of Tropical Bass. Mixing reggae, hip-hop and a healthy dose of cumbia, King Doudou executes a chaotic trap rendition of Kali Mutsa’s ‘Traga Traga’.

el sol

El Remolón (El Sol)

Mystic purveyor of digital cumbia and ZZK cornerstone, Argentinian producer, El Remolón, offers Kali Mutsa’s ‘La Telenovela’ some bass-heavy continental support. Featuring a shamanic blend of cumbia organs and a slowed down moombahton groove, El Remolón pays homage to his ancestral origins as well as providing a glimpse into the future of Latin American club music.

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