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Summer is just under the horizon - and so are the warm, modular riffs of one of Latin America's most anticipated bands.
Born in the sun and baptised in the sea, Santiago's ZEBRA 93 - composed of Roman Sebastian (MKRNI, Roman & Castro), Miguel Irarrazaval and Fran Vives - journey to the hazy solstice of Chilean dream pop with a three-track EP titled 'Take Your Time'.

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Title track and psychedelic love letter, 'Take Your Time' tells a tale of passion worth patience. A beautiful collaboration with actress and vocalist, Andrea Velasco, the effervescent vocals take centre stage laying way for an analog voyage worth the wait.

'Side By Side' comes like a tropical evening tide. Gently floating on a sea of warm electric guitars, the melodic percussions make waves for another sun-kissed ballad with Andrea Velasco.

Telepathic' is a journey through the humidity of desire. A beautiful collaboration with Argentine crooner, Joaquín Durrieu, the tempting vocals and bright arpeggios teleport to a moment of yearning and heat.

ZEBRA 93 - Take Your Time (Virtual Memory Virus Remix)
The clock seems to stop with René Roco - AKA Virtual Memory Virus' - rendition of 'Take Your Time'. Warming with synths from the streets of Santiago, this smooth number just got a little bit smoother.