Moody Plants

Who We Are

We are a London-based Latin American record and fashion label dedicated to wildlife conservation.

Fronted by musician, biologist and social entrepreneur, Tatsu Jones, we are the result of a decade of collaboration between great friends. Scattered across the globe in places like San Francisco, Santiago and London, we provide an alternative to the recycled sounds of the mainstream – we are an incubator for tomorrow’s global artists and beyond.

We believe truly good music does good. Honesty, quality and process are at the heart of what we do, so we donate ten per cent of profits from our ethically-sourced clothing to wildlife conservation programmes around the world. In an industry plagued by mistreated workers and disposable trends, we celebrate slow fashion and looking beyond the bottom line.

Moody Crabs

Why Are You Called ENDMK?

ENDMK stands for Endemika

En•de•mic [/en'demik/]

1) In ecology an organism that is restricted or peculiar to a locality or region [Uniqueness]

2) From the Greek endēmia, which means ‘dwelling within’ [Heritage].

Moody Jungle

Why Is Your Logo A Bird?

Our logo is of a Choco Toucan – an endemic bird from the heart of Latin America: Ecuador. The Choco Toucan symbolises our geographical roots as well as our commitment to biodiversity and endemic artists.