Two years after her genre-bending full length 'Souvenance', Latin America's goddess of global pop is back with a celestial new EP titled 'Mesmer'. Teaming up with Chilean super producers Erasmo Parra and Pablo Stipicic, 'Mesmer' is a galactic voyage into the mind of Chilean actress and artist Celine Reymond. Adopting her alias Kali Mutsa or 'Black Cat' in Romani, 'Mesmer' is Reymond's debut of originals on London's ENDMK.


Teaming up with Chilean super producer, Pablo Stipicic, 'Interstellar' is a galactic, cumbia-laced voyage into self realisation. "I wrote it after reading Peter Sloterdijk's 'Globes'. It got me thinking about my obsession with darkness and the enlightenment you can find in your individuality. 'Interstellar' is what I see when I close my eyes. It's black, it's beautiful and it has its own physics and universal laws."


'Erotomaniac' is an explosive provocation twisted with auto-tuned vocal cuts and J-pop arpeggiators. An example of Kali Mutsa and producer, Erasmo Parra's, sonic unity, 'Erotomaniac' swoops like a chaotic ballad and you yearning for more.


A collaboration with Chilean producer Pablo Stipicic and artist María Magdalena, 'El Ojo Interno' is a heavenly declaration to a distant lover. 'El Ojo Interno' or the 'Inner Eye' sounds like a soothing cherub orchestra on dembo overdrive.


If space pirates made dembow, it would sound like this. Kali Mutsa's cocktail of choppy vocals and bass make a mischievous neo-reggaeton splendor called 'La Casa Es Negra'.

wakan tanga

'Wakan Tanga' is a circus of bass and incantations. A cinematic journey through cultures and cosmic stampedes, Reymond stands her ground as the definitive diva of space bass.


Screaming synths and exploding kicks form the foundation for Kali Mutsa's 'Sampaku'. Coupling attitude-brimming bars and wacky Japanese anime samples, the unexpected is to be expected.